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Joe the Camel picks the Super Bowl winner.

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A winner is selected monthly & will earn one free park admission.

Exotic Animals

Catch a glimpse of many of our beautiful exotic animals here.

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Dan and Sheila Franklin


Kathy Brunson

Favorite Animals: Ricky, Lucy, & Felicia the Coatimundis

Bud Henley AKA Mr. B

Favorite Animal: Joe the Camel

Anthony Price

Favorite Animal: Patches the Giraffe

Ginny Dickey

Favorite Animal: Allison the Alligator

Redah Slayton Cleveland

Favorite Animal: Kiki the lioness

Nikki Carter

Favorite Animal: Horses

Carlos Smith

Favorite Animal: Horses

Rigoberto Balcon

Favorite Animal: Snakes

Shane Brown

Favorite Animal: Joe the camel

Shirley Hendrix

Favorite Animal: Kiki the lioness
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